100 Lives - S4 - Corrupted Drakness is the 5th official season of 100 Lives.

Twists[edit | edit source]

  • Darkener
  • Karma
  • Emblems

Placements[edit | edit source]

  1. TOG
  2. silver
  3. Azure
  4. Luke
  5. Lilli
  6. Nova
  7. C̴̳̍r̵̘͘a̶̳̒z̴̢̔i̴͎̿ĺ̸̢y̴̼̽
  8. Lavina
  9. Jumble
  10. Nerd
  11. David
  12. Lafa
  13. Astatine
  14. Crafty
  15. RAM
  16. Tim
  17. Bill
  18. Skele
  19. Zimbo
  20. TBoy
  21. Colin
  22. ph0
  23. Ryan
  24. Cory

Challenges[edit | edit source]

Challenge 1: Quicksand[edit | edit source]

Players needed to say the words "Drain the Sand" every 30 minutes for 24 hours. The first player to send the message at the 30 minute mark got the credit, and the ones who did it the most lost the least lives.

However, toward the end of the game there was a deal offered that world allow someone to affect each players' score in exchange for giving the darkener points. Lavina took the deal 70(?) times, so they were able to apply 70(?) points to the players' scores. They gave points to everyone but Ryan, so everyone but Ryan gained 10 lives.

Winners: Everyone except Ryan

Challenge 2: Eight Words of Wisdom[edit | edit source]

Players had to submit an 8 word answer to the following prompt: "Here we are at some random Pharaoh's tomb! However, we can't get in it. Simply explain in EIGHT WORDS, HOW DO WE GET INTO THE TOMB?" After all the players submitted, they would rank each other's submissions to determine the placements. The darkener also submitted 6 dummy responses. For every dummy submission that got a score above 50%, the darkener gained 100 points. Any dummy responses below 50% gave the players 100 points.

Astatine won the game with the submission, "With the word itself: TOMB. Convenient O-Shaped entryway!" Only one of the dummy responses scored above 50%, so the players gained 500 points, while the darkener gained only 100.

Winner: Astatine

Challenge 3: Sacrificial Shenanigans[edit | edit source]

Each round, for 5 rounds, players were allowed to choose another player to sacrifice, eliminating them from the game. However, if 2 or more players tried to sacrifice the same player, those sacrificers were sacrificed instead. More rounds survived meant less lives lost. The players gained points for each player that chose to do nothing, while the darkener gained points for each player that chose to sacrifice.

After 2 rounds, with 14/24 players remaining, a new mechanic was introduced. Players could choose to use a shield, which would count as doing nothing, but if even 1 player tried to sacrifice someone with a shield, the sacrificer would be sacrificed instead. There were 3 shields available in both rounds 3 and 4, and 1 available in round 5. Each shield that was bought gave points to the darkener, and the number of points given increased each round: 50, 100, 300. The only unbought shield was one of the 3 in round 4, so the darkener gained a total of 650 points from shields alone.

Crafty, David, Lilli, TBoy, and TOG were all sacrificed in round 5. Only Jumble, RAM, and silver survived all 5 rounds.

Winners: Jumble, RAM, silver

Challenge 4: The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

Winner: Zimbo

Challenge 5: Decoding[edit | edit source]

Winner: silver

Challenge 6: Blood Market[edit | edit source]

Challenge 7: Kindness Kills[edit | edit source]

Winner: Lilli

Challenge 8: 10,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall[edit | edit source]

Challenge 9: Human Ladder[edit | edit source]

Challenge 10: Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Winner: Luke

Challenge 11: The Box[edit | edit source]

Winners: Lavina, Bill, Azure, Nova, Luke, Skele, TOG, David, Lilli, Jumble, RAM, Nerd, silver

Challenge 12: Bank of Lives[edit | edit source]

Challenge 13: Duel of the Ages[edit | edit source]

Winners: silver, Nerd, Jumble, Crazily, David, Lafa, TOG, Luke, Crafty

Challenge 14: Sliding Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Winner: TOG

Challenge 15: This is not a Challenge[edit | edit source]

Winner: Lilli

Challenge 16: Scavenger Hunt[edit | edit source]

Winner: Nova

Challenge 17: Love Letters for Introverts[edit | edit source]

Winners: Nova, Azure

Challenge 18: Endless Lake[edit | edit source]

Winner: TOG

Challenge 19: Loopover[edit | edit source]

Winner: TOG

Challenge 20: Grid 16[edit | edit source]

Winner: TOG

Challenge 21: The Hyper Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

Winners: TOG, silver

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