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Also known as Furor, Viridian, Wingent, spangle sponkle, Yjntrx, etc.

Hello hello! I'm Astatine, the one who's written what you're reading at this very moment. I'm a bean of many names, though I most often go by Astatine or Furor. I've partook in S4 and S4.5 of this heckery.


Season 4:[]

Placed 13th/24.

Season 4.5:[]

Placed 1st/16.

S4: Corrupted Darkness[]

i changed my name to darkenderp for pretty much the whole season and it was funny
I don't think I gave that much of a conk about the whole Darkener thing if I'm gonna be honest.
my vocabulary was terrible back then i hate it
then i died
the end

S4.5: Duelling for doubloons[]

i placed/tied first in four challenges and it was funny
then i diedn't
the end

Other facts[]

  • "wahoo" is S4's only Holy Quote. It's my line. Heck your beans :v