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Corho (also known as Cory) was a character that has played in five seasons: 100 Lives: Colour Wars, 100 Lives: Double Trouble, 100 Lives: Dimensions Collide, 100 Lives: Corrupted Darkness, and 100 Lives: Duelling for Doubloons. Cory is tied with Lavina for the most seasons having played in, participating in the same five seasons Lavina has participated in.

With the exception of Double Trouble, Cory has consistently placed near the bottom of the leaderboard, including a last place finish in Corrupted Darkness.


100 Lives: Colour Wars:

Placed 10th/12.

100 Lives: Double Trouble:

Placed 3rd/20.

100 Lives: Dimensions Collide:

Placed 18th/24.

100 Lives: Corrupted Darkness:

Placed 24th/24.

100 Lives: Duelling for Doubloons:

Placed 13th/16.