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Europe Bill was a participant in 100 Lives S1 and S4. He is also a current staff member from S1.5 onwards, not including S4.

Season 1 Summary[]

Europe Bill was a consistent challenge threat throughout Season 1, and for the most part was near the top of the leaderboard in lives. However, he eventually faultered and recieved 4th place.

Season 4 Summary[]

Europe Bill was much weaker in S4, doing poorly in both social game and challenges. He would suggest shortly before his demise to consider eliminating Crazily, but to no avail. He was eliminated in 17th place.


Europe Bill created his own 100 Lives for a season of his ORG. The following twists were subsequently used in future seasons of 100 Lives.

  • Items - Introduced in S1.5, then were a staple.
  • Voting - Introduced in S4.5 to encourage social game, in S5.