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RAMTurtle (known as RAM) was a contestant in both 100 Lives: Corrupted Darkness and 100 Lives: Stormbreaker, placing at 15th/24 and 11th/24 respectively.


100 Lives: Corrupted Darkness:

Placed 15th/24.

100 Lives: Stormbreaker:

Placed 11th/24.

100 Lives: Corrupted Darkness[]

RAM, along with Jumble, was one of the first to receive a negative perception from other contestants, for his aggressive style of play in the first challenge. RAM would make it a goal to keep up an evil persona throughout the game to try and get a lower karma, however the lowest karma he would ever reach was -4.

RAM dominated challenges early, consistently placing near the top and not losing too many lives. As the competition continued, RAM would lose his social game and challenge dominance, not having a large impact on the game in it's later stages. RAM adopted a strategy of ignoring the Darkener twist to focus on bettering himself, however it would lead to his demise, as RAM would be eliminated at 15th place after doing the worst on the fifth quiz (after Challenge 15).

In his post-game interview, RAM admitted that he didn't live up to his expectations, and wished to return for 100 Lives: Stormbreaker.

100 Lives: Stormbreaker[]

RAM was one of several returning Corrupted Darkness contestants to return in Stormbreaker, originally starting on the Tempestas group. RAM didn't make many connections until Round 4, however he maintained a generally positive reception. RAM forged a strong connection with Yuri, which would become one of the most prominent duo's in the season. RAM also forged strong connections with Luke and Zanny. Later, he would be swapped onto the Gelida group along with Curi, where he would forge connections with 21ack and Lafa.

RAM was noticeably struggling with challenges, and eventually went into the Storm after Round 9 after losing all 18 of his remaining lives in the "A Formal Request to Bring Up The Temperature" challenge. RAM, along with Lilli, Sasha, SK, and TGM, would go on to escape the Storm and return to the game.

After his return, RAM made better connections with players, and learned from Sasha about 21ack's massive item advantage. He would later use this in an attempt to manipulate 21ack to give him his First Aid kit, which failed.

RAM's downfall began when he decided to not throw the "Hide stuff from Butter and hope he doesn't see" challenge, causing RAM to be left with only nine lives after The Storm was removed. In the next challenge, RAM failed to receive the items he wanted (a Holy Grail or a Medkit), and was eliminated at 11th place after Luke used successfully used Lavina's advantage from the Flare Gun, causing everyone to lose 8 lives (eliminating RAM as he only had 7 lives).

In the finale, RAM was split between whether to vote for Yuri or for Lilli, however he decided to vote for Yuri to win, as he considered Yuri's gameplay "more unique". Jax, Ph0, Sasha, and TOG would also vote for Yuri, causing Yuri to defeat Lilli and Luke at the finale by a vote of 5-4-0.