100 Lives Wiki

Twist 1) Survival

Each Player is given a food meter, and a water meter, they must fill these up by eating food and water. If it ever hits zero, then they lose 10 lives each round.

Twist 2) Nature’s Wrath

When this happens, all replacement spots are closed, and anyone who leaves gets their spot removed and hit by nature.

Twist 3) Double Trouble

Every 5 rounds, an elimination game is played, where the bottom [NUMBER] of players are forced into, with the loser being eliminated. However, other players can battle for double prizes, with the risk of being eliminated.

Twist 4) Dimensions Collide

This twist is simple. Everyone once and awhile, the teams (dimensions) will “collide”. This forms new teams. This continues until merge.

Twist 5) Crystal Breakers (Season 3)

At the end of challenge results, a symbol will be posted. When it is posted, a crystal breaker will be hidden. Every person has 3 crystals. A crystal breaker can break one of those crystals. If all 3 crystals are broken you die.

Twist 6) Corruption (Season 3)

When you die, you don’t get eliminated. You simply go to the corruption. When the corruption has 4 players, those 4 will compete for a spot back in the game. If they win, they rejoin. If they don’t, they are permanently eliminated.

Twist 7) Darkener (Season 4)

One player in the game is chosen to be The Darkener, whose job it is to make it to the finale. Every three rounds, a quiz is done to vote out The Darkener in majority, if he is not found, the worst score is eliminated.

Twist 8) Explorable Map (Season 4.5)

From the start of the game, players are free to explore an expanding area of tiles. They additionally had to do chores, like fetching water or catching fish. Sometimes, players could even find items.